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Add:Wangcun, Zhoucun Country, Zibo City, Shandong province, China

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Shandong Basan Graphite New Material Plant (Basan) is a national large-scale secondary enterprise with graphite electrodes as the leading product. It covers an area of 1.19 million square meters, and owns 280 million yuan of fixed assets, and 1,100 employees, including 405 engineering technicians. Basan’s products are mainly for the metallurgy, machinery, electronic and chemical industries. The leading product is graphite electrode and the annual output reaches 35,000 tons, the output value amounts to RMB 530 million. Basan is a standing director unit of China Carbon Industry Association.

Our plant is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, which is famous for ceramics. It is against Mount Tai in the south, facing the Yellow River in the north, adjacent to Qingdao in the east, bordering Jinan in the west, and closes to Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway, Jinan-Qingdao Highway, and National Highway 309, and enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.

Our plant was built in 1958. After generations of Basan people’s hard work, the land which was barren in the past has become a modern carbon products production base. Entering the new era, Basan people unit into one and work hard, make innovation and progress keenly, and the production and operation work of Basan has been keeping and maintaining a good momentum of healthy and sustainable development. Basan took the lead in the industry in passing the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System in 1997; passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 environmental management system successfully in 2009; and GBT//28001-2004 Occupational Health Safety Management System in 2014, and became the first carbon production enterprise in China that runs on the basis of “three systems” (quality, environment and occupational health safety) certification. In 2014, Basan passed the “Safety Standardization Appraisal” and “Key Enterprise Clean Production Review and Acceptance Review” carried out by the government. Basan brand was fully affirmed by the country and the society, and won many honorable titles honors, such as national second-level measurement unit, ministry-level quality management award, outstanding national equipment management unit, advanced enterprise in the province, state-level secondary enterprise and brand-name products in Shandong Province.

In business strategy, Basan adheres to putting marketing in the first place and being market-oriented, accelerates the adjustment of product structure, implements brand development strategy, produces various specifications of products with a diameter ranging from 250mm to 700mm, and has developed shaped graphite products, drinking pure water, electronic components, and other new products in succession, and has enhanced the development potential of the enterprise. Now, a multi-industry, multi-product, and multi-specification production pattern has been formed. The products sell well not only in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions around China but also export to more than ten other countries and regions including Japan, Germany, South Korea, Latin America, China Taiwan and China Hong Kong. And the leading product “Basan” brand graphite electrodes have won widespread acclaim at home and abroad.

“There will come the day when the roc finally goes up with the wind, flying up to the deep sky”. Entering the new era, Basan people have embarked on a new journey. We sincerely hope to join hands with friends around the world for new brilliance!