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Carbon Plant solemnly held the 2008 annual work summary commendation ceremony

Industry information
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On the afternoon of January 16, Carbon Plant solemnly convened its 2008 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference. It comprehensively reviewed the work of our factory in 2008, commended advanced
On the afternoon of January 16, Carbon Plant solemnly convened its 2008 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference. It comprehensively reviewed the work of our factory in 2008, commended advanced units and advanced individuals, analyzed the facing situations, studied and deployed the work ideas and tasks for 2009, And concrete measures.
Li Jie, general manager of our factory, read out the commendation and excerpt notification of the outstanding laborers, advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2008 and the awards to the model workers and advanced individuals who were honored. Chairman Fan Yuejin delivered a work report entitled "Firm Confidence, Meeting Challenges and Striving to Make New Breakthroughs in Various Fields of Work".
The report pointed out that in the first three quarters of 2008, we firmly seized the favorable opportunity of the steel market to pick up and firmly established the concept of sound and rapid development to overcome a series of difficulties such as shortage of funds, price hikes of raw materials, equipment aging and industrial power rationing. A series of measures to speed up development: efforts to highlight the leading position in the market. The development of the domestic market and the development of the international market, the establishment of a market research and analysis mechanism, and actively promote the brand marketing strategy to further enhance the market responsiveness, optimizing the market structure and stabilizing the product market share. Focus on financial allocation. The establishment of a scientific mechanism for the allocation of funds, increased investment in technological transformation, investment of more than 15 million yuan for equipment and technological transformation, improve the market competitiveness of products and enhance the development potential of enterprises. Focus on product structure adjustment. According to the current situation of our factory's insufficient production capacity and the need of product structure adjustment, we should intensify the cooperation with foreign countries and maintain long-term cooperation with the seven units. We will make great efforts to develop new products, and trial-produced the large-sized green electrode with a diameter of 550 mm. Our factory has made new progress in the development of large-size graphite electrodes. The special carbon department has paid great attention to the development of special carbon products with high added value and high technology content and has become a new economic growth point of our factory. Insisting on the idea of ​​stabilizing gas and expanding electronics, the Institute makes full use of existing resources and actively manages to make great progress in the market competition of gas and electronic devices. Focus on the implementation of refined management. In-depth activities such as "Fine Management Year", "Year of Targets for Implementation" and "Differentiation on Targets" were carried out. The Company intensified its efforts in cost control, energy conservation and emission reduction, process implementation and on-site management to enhance its internal management effectiveness. Focus on system and mechanism innovation. In accordance with the standard of "operating scientific and standardized management, quick and efficient, and flowing smoothly", we have fully drawn on the good experiences and good practices of advanced enterprises, reformed the personnel, employment and distribution mechanisms, innovated the performance appraisal mechanism and fully mobilized all aspects of the enthusiasm , Enhance the vitality of enterprises. Through the joint efforts of the whole plant, the output, quality and output value of graphite electrodes of the leading products in the first three quarters have greatly increased. The institute and the special carbon department also maintained a relatively high growth rate. In order to promote the development of the whole plant , To safeguard the interests of workers provide a solid economic security.
Into the fourth quarter, due to the financial crisis, the rapid changes in the supply and demand of carbon products market, enterprises are facing severe difficulties and challenges. We held a timely mobilization meeting "actively responding to unfavorable situations and making concerted efforts to seek common development", launched a seminar on "Rise and Fall of Our Enterprises, Do not Wait for My Own Things," determined the work train of thought for reducing wages without downsizing, and enabling employees to meet both challenges Preparation, but also to eliminate the panic, to maintain a good attitude to deal with the crisis, firmly overcome the difficult concept of victory. Timely adjust the production plan, slow down the pace of production; to ensure the delivery as the goal, increased market development efforts; effective control of raw material reserves, the use of dynamic management of production scheduling, the total volume and size Vigorously advocate saving potential, saving energy and reducing consumption, carried out the activity of "promoting the tradition of August 3, energy-saving and emission reduction by increasing benefits"; strengthening fund disbursement and strictly controlling capital expenditures and halting the expansion of 15600 plant. Various functional departments and units have also formulated specific measures to actively respond to the challenges. After the whole plant from top to bottom joint efforts to ensure that enterprises survive in the harsh environment and development.
The meeting proposed the guiding ideology and general idea of ​​our factory's work in 2009: under the guidance of the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, deepen the study and practice of the scientific concept of development, firmly grasp the main line of safety, stability and development , Unite hard work and do solid work, firm confidence, meet the challenge, and strive to ensure that the total economic output of not less than the level of 2008, the whole plant strive to achieve balance of payments; do a good job in production safety, to ensure the realization of the twelfth year of safe production; ensure In 2009, all the reform measures of the enterprise were steadily promoted, all the work was standardized and the working style was obviously improved, and all the work went to a new level.