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Carbon plant held business technology training week

Industry information
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In response to the current slowdown in production of our plant and the reduction in output, Carbon Plant decided to seize the opportunity of personnel and equipment availability, turn crises into oppo

  In response to the current slowdown in production of our plant and the reduction in output, Carbon Plant decided to seize the opportunity of personnel and equipment availability, turn crises into opportunities, concentrate time on special business training for workshop managers, technicians and operators, Efforts to improve the operational quality of all staff for the further optimization of product structure, improve product quality, implementation of energy-saving emission reduction, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market and lay a solid technical foundation. Once the market warming up on full horsepower to improve efficiency, to seize the initiative to take practical actions to implement the scientific concept of development.

On the first training course on December 9, Wang Dong, director of the office of the manager, put forward the requirements for the personnel attending the training: First, to be correct in attitude and attaches great importance to this training and should rigorously learn the techniques and apply them to the actual Go to work. Second, we must closely integrate with the actual work in the learning process. We should make use of this rare opportunity to learn from each other and to exchange ideas and learn more to learn from each other. Third, we must abide by the classroom discipline, attend training on time to ensure the quality of training. Fourth, we must respect the work of teachers, conscientiously do a good job with teaching, to ensure that training received real results. Equipment Director Wang Houxiang introduced the training week's training content and schedule.
This training week was organized by the Office of the Equipment and co-organized by the Office of the Manager. From December 9 to December 13, training sessions on "Basics of PLCs and Inverters", "Interpretation of Energy Conservation Laws and 6S Management on Equipment" were held respectively, "Natural gas gas knowledge" training class, "common knowledge of power distribution workers" training courses and other four training courses. "PLC and inverter basic knowledge" training course focuses on PLC overview, PLC hardware structure and working principle, PLC programming basis, the trainees are the main plant maintenance electricians; "energy-saving law interpretation and equipment on-site 6S management" training class Focus on the implementation of energy-saving law and equipment on-site 6S management and other aspects of knowledge, participants are mainly the workshop director and team leader; "natural gas gas knowledge" training course focuses on the use of natural gas safety knowledge of gas, trainees are using natural gas Related workshop team leader, thermostat and hot oil furnace workers; "common knowledge of power distribution workers," training courses mainly on the safe operation of distribution equipment, the actual work of the fault handling methods, trainees for the whole plant transformer distributor .
This training week is another big measure taken by our factory to conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development and actively cope with the adverse situation. It is also a centralized training activity held by our factory with the highest technical level, the most extensive coverage and the most targeted training in recent years. Through this training will greatly enhance the level of our plant managers, technicians and operators, will be able to deal with the global economic crisis for enterprises to reserve advanced technology and practical personnel, for the survival and development of our plant under the severe situation will Play a positive role in promoting.